A lot to write

For a past few days, I have seen a lot of bad things about VI. Can play cho dai d (big two) in class, can jump over the wall and lots more!! Really drop my impression such that VI is for geeky students, IT'S SO DARN WRONG THAT VICTORIANS ARE WORSE THAN MIHARJAN!! What a cluster school.... Majority is malay, followed by chinese and then indian. However, form 6 is always dominated by chinese since there are many 'offers' for malay students after spm.
Since I'm not used to this school, I had prepared something like switching school to TARC and etc (MBS lol...). I went to TARC with my cousin to check this place. The bus numbered 191 will take you from lot 10 to tarc campus. Use a lot of money lo.... Each time RM1 pokkai lo.... My cousin's hostel is lousy la... full of dust, no astro and then sleep on the floor. The life is like poverty.. haihz... I heard from Elaine that her class had 26 students under scholarship at TARC, all were from different states. They were coming to TARC just for fun lol... that's why the lecturers are underpaid.

THEN VI OR TARC? I haven't seen the goods of VI teachers yet. Based on the last year result, it seems not satisfying for science stream students... Should i go to CHS or Samad and live with my sister? The tuition center in SS2 is quite good as i heard while KL 1 is famous but unreliable.

The advantages
1. The classrooms have air-conditioner 1, seem great.
2. Need not to wear school uniform
3. Lots of experienced lecturers
4. Taste of college life (like taking tuition)
5. Use tutorial method with projector

The disadvantages
1. Some lecturers are part-timers (my school's teacher happened to be teaching at there WTH!!!)
2. You are a private candidate for STPM at TarC, so there's no cert from government.
3. The lecturers are underpaid, so the passion for teaching will be lesser. (not really, there is a person who scored 5As at there, splendid!)
4. There might be some robberies if you live in hostel near to the college.
5. Teachers won't spoon-fed you, only hard work pays off in STPM.

This week is orientation week and I already took my 1st MC due to medical checkup for my knee's injury. Ta Huei is coming for STPM, nice to see you, haha...