2 weeks had passed

Through my observation, this school isn't that bad la.... At first i kept being a terrorist to this school, not used to it. I just want the certificate!!! I fell in love with the seladang of the badge la. That's how I was tricked into this school.

BTW VI carnival was fun but I didn't get to fully enjoy it because I'm helping chinese society to sell POPIAH. =.= Didn't expect it to sell out lo.... Played archery with my friend's coupon and lots more. Today went to Mr Huan's class, I haven't seen anything special from him yet except the fees which is RM90+RM20 registration+RM20 photocopy = RM130!! for a subject nia... BTW I knew that he was an author back in 80's, THAT TIME I'M STILL SWIMMING UNDER MY DADDY'S SPERM!!! His wife is very generous le, treat me some sweets, treat us like a kid. =.= I will keep on gambatte no matter how hard it is!