Blood donation?

I forgot to blog this. A few days before holiday, my school has organized a campaign for blood donation. Everything wasn't planned or I can say it's impromptu. Let the story begin in point form :P

1) I saw ONLY a few students were brave with their blood being sucked into a packet.
2) Then I saw those upper sixes were very cooperation with this campaign. Some were even sad when they cannot donate their blood due to deficiency of iron. (Shouldn't they be lucky when you don't have to donate your own flesh?)
3) My classmates were using underage as an excuse. Hey! I'm just 3 months away from my 18th birthday and yet I donated my blood. I didn't prepare anything because I just knew that there's this campaign at the moment.
4) They were so selfish and even said why donate blood for the stupid certificate. WTF!! I have a pure heart of gold, okay?

But it doesn't matter. My main reason to donating my blood is to.... *drum rolls


I didn't know my own blood group since I was small. So I decided to exchange my packet of blood with blood test to know my blood group. :P It's like killing two birds with a stone as I can help other patients while able to know my own blood group. Worth it huh?

Story goes like paper 3 for chemistry :P
So the procedure goes like this
1) The employee used a kinf of hurting instrument and applied on my index finger. When the 'pop' sound was heard, my blood was coming out and he pinched my finger to let the blood come out. The iron content in my blood was very dense so it dropped very quick into the water.
2) The blood was extracted and seperated into two spaces and did a quick test (the best part, like CSI). He used two reagents with yellow and blue colours to determine to blood group. He applied and rinsed it, the result is as followed
-If yellow and blue are mixed into the blood, then it's O type blood group
-If yellow is mixed and blue remains, then it's A type blood group
-If blue is mixed and yellow remains, then it's B type blood group
-If blue and yellow remain, then it's AB type blood group
3) The result showed that most students with O type while least students with AB type. I hope that I was AB type since it's quite 'rare'. Sadly, I was actually B type. =/
4) Pressure checking test. A little bit hypertension and it forced me to buy a plate of noodle.
5) Blood donation began! The injection to numb my arm was the worst part of it. Never thought it was that hurt.
6) The kept holding the small pvc pipe to let the blood out by applying pressure on the pipe.
7) 15 minutes later, my nurse told me to raise my arm.WTF IT'S WORSE THAN THE WORST PART!!! The needle was inside, I raised my arm and the needle hurt my skin. FARRKKKK!!!! Unforgettable memories.....
8) Done my blood donation, got some gifts (bread and soya bean, gift meh? seem like to gain some protein before you faint) from them and a certificate (need to fill your name by yourself, lousy....).
9) Show my certificate to my friends, see who's the boss right now? Shame on you ;)


Aik said...

What an interesting post! My blood group is B too. :p