First day in VI

Well, the first day is very boring. A lot of speeches from teacher especially Pn. Datin Maimun whose kept talking talking talking yadda yadda... She said form 6 is like a self improvement year rather than scoring string of As. Why? I personally think there's no top scorer produced from this school. When I think other way, we students should be those who make history for this school. This school kept saying their art stream students are high achievers. What about science stream students? Not good la?

Only registration day already become like orientation day from teacher. =.= I haven't known the teachers and yet we lower 6 students have to organize something to celebrate teachers' day? WTH... The teachers are trying to say that the school is very reputable and somehow convinced me to stay here rather than changing to MBS... Plus I'm able to take 5 subjects! That's really put my worries aside. Anyway, I know F6 is a good choice but right choice for school? I really have no idea...