This is the new beginning... Form 6! When I got my result for SPM, I just applied for UPU and JPA scholarship since most scholarships offer Engineering and Arts courses. The result? JPA is rejected since I'm not that outstanding (just normal straight As). What I can't believe is that I don't even get a place for UPU!! I chose computer science also cannot get!! Straight As also cannot get, what is the criteria to get admitted to public uni? Become a Malay? lol....

I used to think of studying business as I thought if I want to be rich, I have to take business course. This perception is so so... wrong. I saw many graduates from business studies ended up 'makan gaji'(being employee). It's like you can set up your own business with a business degree? Only if you're rich, or else you only help your boss to generate lots of cash.

I want to take something reputable like medical, dentistry and pharmacy. (Competitive courses, right?). These jobs will be always be the safe spot during recession because... everyone needs to cure the illness, right? So STPM is my only choice. A-level is quite risky since public uni is exempted from the list. Actually I don't regret taking STPM since it's widely recognized for its high level. There's students admitted to Cambridge and Oxford with STPM results. Terrific? Yeah, most students don't know this.

I'm going to SMK Victoria for STPM since my school is under VI. I just knew this yesterday and registration day falls on 11th May. wth =.= I hope that VI does offer 5 subjects since I wanted to do it so badly. Getting admission to NUS is given priority to 5 subjects student rather than 4 flat students with 4 subjects. If the answer is no for 5 subjects, then I'm switching to MBS. I am aiming high for this test and ready to sacrifice. I hope that teachers in VI can really help me to achieve my dream.


emmilee said...

hi, came across you blog. Tou did your stpm in VI? where did you go for tuition? Can you recommend me any teachers that maybe you still have contact with. thank you

p/s: blog is awesome to read! keep up the good work :D