A lot to write

For a past few days, I have seen a lot of bad things about VI. Can play cho dai d (big two) in class, can jump over the wall and lots more!! Really drop my impression such that VI is for geeky students, IT'S SO DARN WRONG THAT VICTORIANS ARE WORSE THAN MIHARJAN!! What a cluster school.... Majority is malay, followed by chinese and then indian. However, form 6 is always dominated by chinese since there are many 'offers' for malay students after spm.
Since I'm not used to this school, I had prepared something like switching school to TARC and etc (MBS lol...). I went to TARC with my cousin to check this place. The bus numbered 191 will take you from lot 10 to tarc campus. Use a lot of money lo.... Each time RM1 pokkai lo.... My cousin's hostel is lousy la... full of dust, no astro and then sleep on the floor. The life is like poverty.. haihz... I heard from Elaine that her class had 26 students under scholarship at TARC, all were from different states. They were coming to TARC just for fun lol... that's why the lecturers are underpaid.

THEN VI OR TARC? I haven't seen the goods of VI teachers yet. Based on the last year result, it seems not satisfying for science stream students... Should i go to CHS or Samad and live with my sister? The tuition center in SS2 is quite good as i heard while KL 1 is famous but unreliable.

The advantages
1. The classrooms have air-conditioner 1, seem great.
2. Need not to wear school uniform
3. Lots of experienced lecturers
4. Taste of college life (like taking tuition)
5. Use tutorial method with projector

The disadvantages
1. Some lecturers are part-timers (my school's teacher happened to be teaching at there WTH!!!)
2. You are a private candidate for STPM at TarC, so there's no cert from government.
3. The lecturers are underpaid, so the passion for teaching will be lesser. (not really, there is a person who scored 5As at there, splendid!)
4. There might be some robberies if you live in hostel near to the college.
5. Teachers won't spoon-fed you, only hard work pays off in STPM.

This week is orientation week and I already took my 1st MC due to medical checkup for my knee's injury. Ta Huei is coming for STPM, nice to see you, haha...

First day in VI

Well, the first day is very boring. A lot of speeches from teacher especially Pn. Datin Maimun whose kept talking talking talking yadda yadda... She said form 6 is like a self improvement year rather than scoring string of As. Why? I personally think there's no top scorer produced from this school. When I think other way, we students should be those who make history for this school. This school kept saying their art stream students are high achievers. What about science stream students? Not good la?

Only registration day already become like orientation day from teacher. =.= I haven't known the teachers and yet we lower 6 students have to organize something to celebrate teachers' day? WTH... The teachers are trying to say that the school is very reputable and somehow convinced me to stay here rather than changing to MBS... Plus I'm able to take 5 subjects! That's really put my worries aside. Anyway, I know F6 is a good choice but right choice for school? I really have no idea...


This is the new beginning... Form 6! When I got my result for SPM, I just applied for UPU and JPA scholarship since most scholarships offer Engineering and Arts courses. The result? JPA is rejected since I'm not that outstanding (just normal straight As). What I can't believe is that I don't even get a place for UPU!! I chose computer science also cannot get!! Straight As also cannot get, what is the criteria to get admitted to public uni? Become a Malay? lol....

I used to think of studying business as I thought if I want to be rich, I have to take business course. This perception is so so... wrong. I saw many graduates from business studies ended up 'makan gaji'(being employee). It's like you can set up your own business with a business degree? Only if you're rich, or else you only help your boss to generate lots of cash.

I want to take something reputable like medical, dentistry and pharmacy. (Competitive courses, right?). These jobs will be always be the safe spot during recession because... everyone needs to cure the illness, right? So STPM is my only choice. A-level is quite risky since public uni is exempted from the list. Actually I don't regret taking STPM since it's widely recognized for its high level. There's students admitted to Cambridge and Oxford with STPM results. Terrific? Yeah, most students don't know this.

I'm going to SMK Victoria for STPM since my school is under VI. I just knew this yesterday and registration day falls on 11th May. wth =.= I hope that VI does offer 5 subjects since I wanted to do it so badly. Getting admission to NUS is given priority to 5 subjects student rather than 4 flat students with 4 subjects. If the answer is no for 5 subjects, then I'm switching to MBS. I am aiming high for this test and ready to sacrifice. I hope that teachers in VI can really help me to achieve my dream.

Flying Nutshot Drop Kick

When I watched this, my right hand is involuntary trying to cover my precious 'nut'. This activity can be used as an exercise to strengthen his nut. Next time, Flying Nutshot Mouth Drop!

How Malaysians Increase STPM passing rate

This myth is very long ago and still remains as a mystery...


The objective of STPM is to pass people right? How do you explain the fact that 87% of the students passed the exams of the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) recently, when during your father’s time only 10% would have passed? Are students getting smarter? Or are STPM questions getting easier? Let me put things in their proper perspective.

During your grandfather’s time, they would ask exam questions like:

"In what year did Parameswara founded the Kingdom of Melaka ?"

The correct answer was "1402", and they found that only 10% of the students managed to answer the question correctly. This didn’t go down too well with the authorities, because the objective of the exams was to pass people, right? I mean, what’s the point of having exams if people fail?

So later, they found another way to ask the same question:
Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka in the year:
(a) 2001
(b) 2004
(c) 1986
(d) 1975
(e) 1402
Tick the correct answer.

The results were better in that 20% of the students passed. But it was still not good enough, so the authorities tried a different tactic a few years later.

"Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka in the year 1402. True or false?"

Well, half of the students guessed "True" and the other half guessed "False".

50% passed.

The results were getting pretty acceptable by now but still not good enough. Most other countries would be satisfied with a 50% passing rate, but not us. The authorities then cracked their heads and then came out with this one:

Read the following sentence carefully.

Parameswara, the cousin of Proton-Iswara, founded the kingdom of Melaka in the year 1402. Underline the name of the person who founded Melaka.

60% underlined "Parameswara",
30% underlined "Proton-Iswara" and
10% underlined "1402".

Yeah!!!!….60% managed to pass!

But the authorities were still not contented. So last year, they came out with this gem:
"One day in the year 1402, Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka. Then he went home to have dinner. What did he eat?"

13% (smart students) handed in blank answers,
57% wrote "Maggi Mee",
10% wrote " Kentucky Fried Chicken" and
20% wrote "Nasi Lemak".

The correct answer was anything concerning "Food" of course!

After the marking was over, it was found that 87% of the students had passed.

87%!!!!!…………now that’s pretty impressive!

Well done Malaysia! Perhaps, this is why we have so many students with an impressive string of ‘As’ who can hardly construct a decent sentence! Malaysia Boleh!


Well, I'm going to take STPM next year and will be starting my Lower 6 soon. I'm kinda anxious right now.